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CAT backhoes digging or cleaning a flat ground surface to prep it for concreteYou Can Find Our Concrete Across World-Class Organizations!

B & B Concrete prides itself on being a self preformed concrete contractor while still remaining diverse in the services our team can provide. Our concrete is found in industrial, commercialmanufacturing, civil, multi-family residential and institutional properties throughout the nation.You can rely on our concrete flatwork team in Romulus, MI for a finished stamped concrete that is aesthetically pleasing and durable for years to come.

We’ll handle anything from:

  • Interior/exterior flatwork
  • Concrete place and finish
  • Concrete foundations
  • Architectural concrete
  • Concrete screening
  • Concrete topping
  • Excavation & backfill
  • Concrete floor caps
  • Vertical walls
  • Press pits 
  • Roller compacted cementation base 
  • Concrete formwork design and installation
  • Machine and equipment foundations
  • Elevate concrete decks
  • Drainage system installation

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B&B Concrete workers in yellow safety vests lay concrete inside of a warehouse

Our Reputable Concrete Placement Company Can Pour You the Solid Concrete Foundation You Need to Build Upon

Whether you are building a new commercial building or home, you can rely on the seasoned experts at B&B Concrete to pour the solid concrete foundation you need. The cliche saying “you have to have a strong foundation before you can build upon it” has never held truer than in the concrete industry. Having a quality concrete foundation sets your home or building up for further construction and anchors it in strength to the ground. 

When you hire us, you have no need to worry about cracking or warping as a result of poor design or installation. With state-of-the-art equipment and a meticulous attention to detail, we promise to lay your foundation correctly the first time. Depending on your reason for concrete foundation installation, we will determine what specific requirements will be necessary for your concrete to accommodate your needs. This may include specific thicknesses and various finishes, sealing, and waterproofing to protect the lifespan of your concrete. 

Concrete Flatwork for Your Building’s Interior or Exterior Flooring

Concrete flatwork is a simple method of concrete along a horizontal plane; but don’t be fooled. This simple method requires the skill that B&B Concrete has accumulated over almost 60 years in business! There are a variety of locations where concrete flatwork is desired, such as sidewalks, driveways, patios, large sports stadiums, commercial and industrial flooring, and more. Whether you need interior flatwork or exterior flatwork, B&B Concrete can pour the smoothest concrete in the Metro Detroit area.

Trusted by High Profile Projects that Required Complex Volumes, Small Timeframes & Innovative Techniques

B & B is well-equipped to deliver high F & L numbers on your large project at a very high speed. We spread dry shake toppings fast, with accuracy and maneuverability. With B & B Concrete's Somero STS-132 on the job, we can spread more than 120 square feet of toppings with each pass. Topping large areas in a short amount of time is simple as each pass takes only 8 seconds. With a large capacity material bin and the bulk loading option, we can keep spreading with no downtime!

The Somero STS-132 is ideally suited to accurately spread toppings on wide placements immediately following our Somero Laser Screeds. Unlike other spreaders, the width and shape that we can pour are configurable, and the high level of maneuverability allows us to work closely around columns and other obstructions. The high-quality products we use combined with our innovative techniques and certified staff, we’re confident we can perform any concrete job.

Leaders in the Concrete Industry

Our team is known to deliver comprehensive, turnkey concrete construction services for a variety of different clients and applications throughout Michigan. Our full-service project management approach allows us to deliver the highest level of productivity and customer satisfaction throughout every point in the project’s lifecycle. We know how to apply innovative methods and concrete techniques to drive the most efficient end-product. We are widely recognized for our concrete pouring, placement and finishing abilities across a variety of industries.

B & B puts it all together by employing experienced, talented individuals and ensuring that their skills are kept up-to-date with the best professional training. You can rely on us for complete concrete services from pouring to finishing, leaving you with a smooth, finished flooring, driveway, sidewalk, and more. With almost 60 years of experience, we’ve seen everything when it comes to concrete. Taking advantage of our full-service approach– contact us today!

Trusted by World Class Organizations

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We’ve been responsible for a number of high-profile projects that have required complex volumes, small timeframes, and innovative techniques. There’s nothing we haven’t seen!