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Specialty Concrete Services Throughout Michigan

A shiny industrial floor polished by B&B Concrete as part of their specialty services that include floor polishing, floor flattening, and floor evaluation

Our team meets the most rigorous standards regarding quality and performance for any concrete polishing, floor repairs, and FF & FL numbers.

We offer floor polishing, floor flattening, complete floor evaluation, consulting, and a system of repairs certified and backed by the American Concrete Institute. Serving the industrial, commercial, manufacturing, civil, multi-family residential, and institutional sectors, we're confident we can meet any flooring system’s goals.

Serving the industrial, commercial, manufacturing, civil, multi-family residential, and institutional sectors, we're confident we can meet any flooring system’s goals.


Our specialty services focus on the following:

  • Concrete polishing
  • Joint sealing
  • Crack repairs/joint repairs 
  • Overlays
  • Floor flattening (per 3D scan)
  • Underlays
  • Trowel polishing
  • Decorative concrete
  • Machine and equipment foundations 
  • Superflat floors 
  • Drainage system installation 
  • Utilities/water management work 
  • Complete floor evaluation & consulting 
  • Complex floor repairs

Our specialty concrete services are second to none. View our portfolio and see examples of your work for yourself!

A construction site lit up at night as workers continue to workExperienced & Dedicated Craftsman Equipped to Make Any Concrete Stand Out

Not only do we improve the appearance of your concrete, but we also strengthen the surface as well. Through our special concrete floor systems, we can perform repairs while improving longevity and overall aesthetics, among so much more. We also offer regularly scheduled maintenance programs for a variety of different customers.

Our team is equipped with industry-leading technologies, products, and training that can achieve extraordinary results to satisfy your concrete needs!

B & B Concrete is one of the leading providers of specialty concrete and flooring services throughout Michigan and the Midwest.


Our specialty concrete services include:

Concrete Surface Treatments

Our professional surface treatments create durable, slip-resistant, and low-maintenance surfaces for your flooring system.

Floor Polishing

With the leading equipment in the industry, we can achieve any floor polishing specifications while maintaining any schedule. 

Floor Grinding

We can upgrade new and existing floors to any flat specifications. Our floor grinding services are completed quickly with minimum disruption and extreme accuracy!

Decorative Concrete

Improve the exterior of your building or property with proven decorative concrete services such as floor coatings or a new concrete stain. We can compliment any décor through our advanced technologies and expertise.

Concrete Flatwork

We can pour concrete across any flat surface. Parking lots, concrete driveways, and sidewalks are all examples of past concrete flatwork jobs we've handled.

Our work speaks for itself when you’re looking for a highly qualified and experienced specialty concrete contractor. We come highly recommended by our past clients. View our portfolio to see examples of our concrete work!

Let’s discuss how your flooring system can meet your operation and maintenance goals today. Contact B&B Concrete for additional information on how we can serve your business.

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